We'll guide you through the real estate process from sale through settlement, delivering on a tailored strategic marketing plan designed to maximise the value of your home.



When you partner with Haven Realty, you're not just selecting a sales agent; you're choosing to work with highly experienced professionals with expertise in Sales, Strategic Marketing, Property Law and Property Settlements.

 Unlike an ordinary Real Estate Agent, our unique fully integrated approach is designed to offer you a complete property sales and advisory service to make it easier for you to navigate the real estate process from sale through settlement and achieve a premium price at sale.

We're determined to provide a better way for clients to work with Real Estate Agents. We'll collaborate closely with you so that you are guaranteed to partner with property professionals totally committed to your sales goals, while ensuring that your interests are being protected at all times. Haven Realty is the future of the superior Real Estate experience in action today.



Social Media Campaigns

Social media is where your prospect's live. We combine unconventional thinking, the latest tech and experiential marketing techniques to bring your home to life across social channels and increase prospect engagement.

Backed By Data

Built upon behavioural and demographic data, we design and execute fluid digital property campaigns tailored to your home and target audience, which responds and iterates in real time to find and engage the right prospects.

Designing for Digital

People respond to design in different ways, particularly when they’re online. Our tailored content plans combine creative copywriting, design and storytelling, with data backed buyer research to engage targeted prospects.

Cutting Edge Technology

From video productions and virtual inspections to aerial property and lifestyle flyovers, we deploy the latest technology to bring your home to life and engage with the right prospects across multiple channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a successful property marketing strategy look like?

We focus our energy on creating a strategic marketing plan tailored to your home. In 2016 it isn't enough to simply put up a sign and place ads in the local paper. We know more than 60% of record prices come from out-of-area buyers so we identify the ideal buyer for your home and design a premium mix of digital and physical marketing which may include 3D virtual walkthroughs, high quality day & twilight photography and drone vision.

When is the best time to put my home on the market?

With our integrated approach we believe we can find the right buyer for your property at any time of year. If your home has particular qualities that would give it seasonal appeal, such as beach access or a curated garden, then it may be worth waiting for Summer and Spring respectively to list your home for sale.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that my house appeals to buyers?

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. A well presented home usually sells faster, and at a higher price so think about cleaning up your front yard. You can also remove some of the clutter that may exist around the house and think about moving excess furniture into storage to make your home appear bigger.

How does Haven Realty achieve a premium price?

Our integrated experience is tailored to your home. We'll work closely with you to identify your goals and prepare a unique strategic marketing and sales plan designed to maximise the financial return on your home.

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